Monday, November 27, 2006

My Peace Plan, or Free All the Palestinians NOW!

Ok folks, long awaited is my "peace plan"..

Israel will do the following:

1. Open all cells to all jails and release all Palestinians at once directly into the Palestinian controlled areas.

2. Israel will consolidate and withdraw from 85% of all west bank lands.

3. Israel will completely finish all borders with any Palestinian lands, sealing them off to ZERO traffic.

4. Israel will start expelling any Arab citizen of Israel that is convicted of treason against the State of Israel and will legally strip thier citizenship.

5. Israel will cut off all water, electricity & medical services to any and all "Palestinian Areas"

6. ANY rocket attacks coming from Palestinian areas will be responded to with 10 fold rocket attacks at populated areas.

7. Israel will direct 10% of her R & D on fuel cell, bio-fuels & solar technology. Israel will share this technology with all peoples of the world to reduce usage of oil & oil by products.

8. Israel will expel any family members of suicide bombers from israel and strip citizenship of said persons.

9. Any islamic persons causing terrorism and shall die from said events will be wrapped in pig skins and dumped into the sea.

10. Any threats to the State of Israel made by heads of state (example Iran) will be responded to as acts of war and will be responded to by destruction of oil platforms, electric grids, major industrial targets, additional public comments by heads of enemy states will cause the destruction of thier governmental buildings, dams and other high value targets.

11. Any incursions on the border that israel sets for it's self will cause the dropping of 1 - 5 million cluster bomblets to be dropped on areas used to traverse borders.

12. Any attack on Jewish places of worship or community will be responded on by attacks on Islamic holy sites, starting with the Dome of the Rock, and ending with the bombing of the black rock.

this is my 1st draft at a peace plan....

any comments?

Killer Palestinian Granny or "Why is Granny a pile of hamburger in her casket?"

In this photo released by Hamas, Thursday, Nov. 23, 2006, Palestinian Fatma Omar An-Najar is seen before carrying out a suicide/murder bombing next to Israeli soldiers in the northern Gaza Strip. The 64-year-old Palestinian grandmother blew herself up near Israeli troops after rushing the soldiers, the soldiers threw a stun grenade causing the ugly mountain of hamburger wannabe to detonate prematurely. I have been told that Fatma was scooped up and returned in 4- 5 gallon buckets to her 41 grandchildren. Reports her family was quite proud.

Photograph by : AP Photo/Hamas

HATTIP: Little Green Footballs, The Elephant Bar & Israel Matzav

Sunday, November 19, 2006

So Called "Humans" Shields Protect Terrorists Base

Interesting, How would Israeli's or Jews fare if they lined up to protect thier homes against hamas / fatah rockets?


BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip - Hundreds of Palestinians serving as human shields guarded the homes of two top militants Sunday, a new tactic that forced Israel to call off missile strikes on the buildings and re-evaluate a mainstay of its aerial campaign in Gaza.


Israel needs to start calling at least 200 terrorists a day to warn them thier house is next.... I want to see the welfare roles of Palestine run all over the place protecting thier leaders terror bases. After all they dont have jobs, they collect welfare from the tit of the EU, US & Arab League

Interesting, they protect the homes of thier rocket shooters that target civilians..

maybe Israel should shoot randomly like the Palestinians?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

UN slams Israel for Beit Hanun shelling or Why Israel should kill more...

The UN General Assembly on Friday night overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning the errant shelling of a Beit Hanun house which killed some 20 Palestinians.

Representatives of 156 countries voted in favor of the resolution, seven objected and six abstained.

Congrats to the UN for NOT mentioning what started this... Palestinian rocket attacks that DID kill Israelis.

So what to learn from this?

The UN sucks, so should we be mad? Hell no, what should happen Israel should learn if the entire world is going to condemn them, give them something to condemn!

Let's kill 1000 palestinians... Israel would get the exact same punishment!

So Israel if you are listening.. WHEN the Palestinains ATTACK, and they surely will again, dont hold back, shoot of a thousand rockets and hopefully you will kill lot's of these terrorists and/or thier families...

Friday, November 17, 2006

"Thou Shall Not Kill" & "Ten Commandments"

Ok several points:

It's not "thou shall not kill" as so many uneducated and stupid people often repeat like blind robots, It's "No Murder" and yes it's from Torah.

Next Point:

Christians that want the 10 commandments posted on public squares are MORONS, and as such they should embrace Judaism at once, casting off their pagan embrace of jesus and silly notions of devils and angels (as per Rambam).

Why do I dare state that?

I don't THEY do, by pushing the Ten Commandments, they are advocating everyone to BECOME JEWS.

Noah has his 7 laws for all humanity, and then came Moses, he has his 10 instructions specifically for the Jews!! If you advocate people to follow MY Uncle Moishe's "Instructions to be a Jew" Book, (5 books, 10 topics of Instructions, 613 details) then you are a Jew!

How arrogant you say, that the JEWS dare to keep the L-rds words to themselves, how selfish! How rude!

But IF it IS the BOOK that Christians and Moslems say is "Earlier Revelations" of their L-rds work, then the MESSAGE SHOULD BE RESPECTED. And that message is simple, the gentile shall follow noah’s laws and that is it... No need to do more, just follow the 7.

So all you Christians out there that love the top "10" so much, support me in the posting of Noah’s 7 on Public Grounds, or meet me at the Temple for bagels and foreskin snipping....

Saturday, November 11, 2006

If you shoot at Israel, expect to be shot at

If you shoot at jews or israel expect to be shot back at.

simple concept...

learn it and embrace it as truth

Why using Bio-Fuels works, or why I love Crisco

One day, about 2 years ago, I took a winter's drive to Cleveland to see a trick. When I got there I found a group of overaged hippies showing how you could drive for free forever! Wow, was I impressed but something was lacking. The ex-hippies secret was simple, dumpster dive and get all the waste Chinese cooking oil you want, filter it in a 5 micron filter! and PROOF you have fuel, but then you need a "CONVERSION KIT". Simply install a additional fuel tank in the trunk, wire it with heating coil, install insulated tubing from the trunk to the engine, add a electronic fuel switch, add a preheater and boom! You got yourself a CONVERSION.


Just then a CRAZY person driving a 2 yr old $60k diesel benz pulls up and says get in... This unnamed veggie oil prophet says... Don't listen to the hippies... Us Benz guys have the answer.... just pour it in your tanks... NO I screamed you CANT do that! Hitting the pedal he blew threw 90 miles per hour in roaring chicken flavored oil fumes down 271 while saying, LISTEN TO THE SILENCE....

Sure enough, the car was 30% quieter! It almost sounded like a gas benz....

He pulled up to my 1985 300SD Turbo and says, here, have a hit and try it... I lifted the 1 gallon jug to the mouth of the fuel tank and poured this brown liquid into my tank straight. Meanwhile all the ex-hippies were still running tubes and wires on the conversions they were still working on and would work on for 9 more hours...

My LOUD old Benz suddenly embraced it's natural and original fuel like mother's milk to the baby and the smoke from the exhaust disappeared!

So where am I going with all of this?

I started BUYING food grade soy oil from the local Kroger and adding a quart per 20 gallons of diesel and man it sounded great and reduced the operation temps by 30% and the fumes were reduced as well! So as months went by I started putting 5 quarts, then 5 gallons at a time! I'd fill up shopping carts at Giant Eagle of their 1.59 canola oil and fill up in the parking lots!

Then I started buy 5 gallons of fryer oil (35 pounds ea) about 5 at a time from a food wholesaler!

My blend is 100% oil direct into the tank, if i think things are sluggish, just add a little diesel to the mix to thin it out..

The POINT of what I am saying is that we can with no difficulty, blend this for school buses, trucks and emergency planning...

So i love Crisco and I love cutting our dependence on OPEC oil

The Noah Idea

The 7 Laws of Noah are directly from Torah in Genesis (Bereishis).

So many Christians and other gentiles I meet have never heard of these. Maybe they should.

You will not deny G-d through idolatry.
You will neither blaspheme nor curse G-d.
You will never commit a murder.
You must never engage in degrading and unwholesome sexual practices.
You will not steal.
You will not abuse or torture any other living animal.
You must set up a judiciary court that will oversee the obedience of the prior six laws.