Saturday, November 11, 2006

Why using Bio-Fuels works, or why I love Crisco

One day, about 2 years ago, I took a winter's drive to Cleveland to see a trick. When I got there I found a group of overaged hippies showing how you could drive for free forever! Wow, was I impressed but something was lacking. The ex-hippies secret was simple, dumpster dive and get all the waste Chinese cooking oil you want, filter it in a 5 micron filter! and PROOF you have fuel, but then you need a "CONVERSION KIT". Simply install a additional fuel tank in the trunk, wire it with heating coil, install insulated tubing from the trunk to the engine, add a electronic fuel switch, add a preheater and boom! You got yourself a CONVERSION.


Just then a CRAZY person driving a 2 yr old $60k diesel benz pulls up and says get in... This unnamed veggie oil prophet says... Don't listen to the hippies... Us Benz guys have the answer.... just pour it in your tanks... NO I screamed you CANT do that! Hitting the pedal he blew threw 90 miles per hour in roaring chicken flavored oil fumes down 271 while saying, LISTEN TO THE SILENCE....

Sure enough, the car was 30% quieter! It almost sounded like a gas benz....

He pulled up to my 1985 300SD Turbo and says, here, have a hit and try it... I lifted the 1 gallon jug to the mouth of the fuel tank and poured this brown liquid into my tank straight. Meanwhile all the ex-hippies were still running tubes and wires on the conversions they were still working on and would work on for 9 more hours...

My LOUD old Benz suddenly embraced it's natural and original fuel like mother's milk to the baby and the smoke from the exhaust disappeared!

So where am I going with all of this?

I started BUYING food grade soy oil from the local Kroger and adding a quart per 20 gallons of diesel and man it sounded great and reduced the operation temps by 30% and the fumes were reduced as well! So as months went by I started putting 5 quarts, then 5 gallons at a time! I'd fill up shopping carts at Giant Eagle of their 1.59 canola oil and fill up in the parking lots!

Then I started buy 5 gallons of fryer oil (35 pounds ea) about 5 at a time from a food wholesaler!

My blend is 100% oil direct into the tank, if i think things are sluggish, just add a little diesel to the mix to thin it out..

The POINT of what I am saying is that we can with no difficulty, blend this for school buses, trucks and emergency planning...

So i love Crisco and I love cutting our dependence on OPEC oil


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