Saturday, March 31, 2007

Palestinian man gets bent out of shape by work accident

Great News!

1 killed and 10 nitwits wounded in a work accident!

or How I spent my Easter Vacation learning how to murder Jews and accidentally killing myself and wounding a score of others....

Fri Mar 30, 9:24 AM ET
GAZA (Reuters) - Explosives detonated accidentally at a training camp used by Hamas's armed wing in the southern Gaza Strip on Friday, killing one person and wounding at least 10 others, local residents said.

A Hamas source in the area told Reuters that the blast was the result of a "work accident" in which an explosive device went off accidentally during training at a facility in the village of al-Qarara near the impoverished town of Khan Younis.

The source identified the dead man as 21-year-old Kamel Musa, a Hamas militant.

Let's give this one to the "Darwin Awards"

So long Kamel, hope you enjoy hell loser....


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Arab war for Israel now starting, Saudi's issue threat!

"If Israel refuses, that means it doesn't want peace and it places everything back into the hands of fate. They will be putting their future not in the hands of the peacemakers but in the hands of the lords of war," he said.

Prince Saud dismissed any further diplomatic overtures towards Israel. "It has never been proven that reaching out to Israel achieves anything," he said.

"Other Arab countries have recognised Israel and what has that achieved?

"The largest Arab country, Egypt, recognised Israel and what was the result? Not one iota of change happened in the attitude of Israel towards peace." said Saudi foreign minister Prince Saudi al-Faisal

So let me get this straight, since the arab world has declared it'sself in a state of WAR with israel that now has been going on for 60 years and this additional declaration of war BY THE ARABS, does this not give Israel the legal, moral, and UN granted right to destroy those arab countries that seek her destruction?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Allah curses palestinians with sewage tsunami!

Sewage 'tsunami' kills five, scores missing

AT least five Palestinians drowned in a "sewage tsunami" when a water treatment reservoir burst, flooding a village in the northern Gaza Strip.

The deluge, triggered by the collapse of a septic system aid organisations had long warned was dangerously overburdened, submerged dozens of homes in the Bedouin farming village of Umm al-Nasr beneath a cesspool of foul-smelling effluent.

Three woman and two boys, aged one and two, were among the dead.

At least 15 people were injured and scores more were still missing, according to Palestinian medics.

Village children clung to wooden doors floating on the putrid waters and rescuers paddled through the village in makeshift boats in search of victims.

Frantic goats and cows were also pulled to safety.

Village mayor Ziad Abu Thabet said 70 per cent of the village's mostly ramshackle homes had been buried in raw sewage.

"The situation is very bad," the mayor said.

The receding flood waters left a stinking scum that further hampered rescue efforts.

Palestinian television proclaimed a "sewage tsunami" had rocked Gaza.

An adviser to president Mahmud Abbas declared the village a disaster area.

Newly-appointed interior minister Hani al-Qawasmeh rushed to the scene to inspect the damage, but angry villagers chased him off.

They opened fire on his convoy and wounded two policemen, witnesses said.

In Israel, defence minister Amir Peretz ordered the army to provide assistance to the victims if asked to do so by the Palestinian Authority.

The Hamas movement, the leading partner in a newly formed Palestinian unity government, blamed the disaster on a foreign aid boycott slapped on the Palestinian Authority a year ago when the Islamist hardliners first came to power.


7 kassams have been launched by the shit surfers today...

the reason for the shittsunami is that those darwin examples of a people actually DUG out the dirt IN FRONT of the wall to SELL to Hamas to build war bunkers...

give these morons a state....

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Iran kidnaps 15 british troops..

Iran kidnaps 15 british troops..

ah it's starting!!!!

take a moment, find an arabic website to translate

take a moment, find an arabic website to translate

amazing tool!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Unity Government of Palestine successfully stop repairs to Gaza Grid using sniper fire!

New Unity Government of Palestine Launches Attack on Zion-nazis as the Honored Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister was received.


Hamas military wing claims Palestinian sniper shooting from Gaza which injured an Israeli civilian at Karni crossing

March 19, 2007, 3:18 PM (GMT+02:00)

Israeli soldiers and Palestinians exchanged fire after the attack and the border crossing was shut down. The injured man was an electricity company worker who was carrying out repairs on the fuel depot, which supplies the Palestinians population of the Gaza Strip.
DEBKAfile adds: Regardless of the fuel shortages that now threaten the Palestinian populace, Hamas is determined to show the world that its “resistance” operations against Israel will continue under the new unity government.
The Hamas sniper shooting occurred as the prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, received the Norwegian deputy foreign minister, the first Western diplomat to call on the head of the new government.

Democracy at it's finest. Shooting at the guy who fixes your power supply.

Here's the plan, don't fix it.

Yep.. IF the Government of Palestine CHOOSES to destroy it's infrastructure, so be it.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Arabs Inch Closer to WAR 2007

Interesting things a brewing

the world's embrace of a new palestinian government will cause next arab initiated war on israel

all resistance, in all forms, against israel is legal and moral and just until israel submits to being returned to it's rightful place as a majority ruled land of moslems, once the rightful owners and their descendents are returned post haste
so say iran, iraq, arabia, jordan, the PA Unity government will say next week

this will restart the arab boycott of Israel

this will require israel to at once withdrawl from the west bank & jerusalem to PRE 1967 borders

this will require israel to accept all palestinians as full israeli citizens AND THEIR DECENDENTS

thus the arab world wills publically accept the position that armed terrorism against israel is NOT TERROR and thus allowed by palestinians to continue until all demands are met.

So far today, March 18th, 5 kassams have been launched from Gaza into Israel pre 1948 border.

Low intensity war is on the rise...

As I see it we have 2 choices:

1. Allow the islamic world (including the arab world) to disintegrate at it's present course. (hamasistan, somolia, sudan, southern lebanon examples as such), while allowing low intensity warfare to slowly cause the complete break down of society into lawless, islamic 6th century thugacracy

2. Respond to all attacks with disproportionate reactions, quickly causing a "western colonial/occupier guilt trip" after we destroy 20-30% of their command and control & terror bases. But the upside?


and after all that's is important!.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

War is coming...

I can feel it...

Hamas has imported new iranian longer ranger rockets

Hamas has dug bunkers under the Gaza Israel border.

Hezbollah has rearmed

Arms (not food for the people) are flowing from sinai into gaza and the west bank

iraq is being used by iran as a proxy arena

syria spent 1.5 billion on new tank upgrades and anti-missile technology

syria is moving petro and ammo depots close to the golan border


war is coming in 88 days

i suggest EVERY israeli get ready, get some ammo, get some long scopes...

take no prisoners...

cut off all electricity & water flowing INTO gaza