Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Apartheid in The Fake Country of Saudi Arabia

Hey guys....

it's REAL Apartheid...shhhh dont tell Jimmy...

Hat-tip Little Green Footballs

oh... side note...

3 french citizens murdered cause they took the WRONG ROAD...

yep... welcome to the the islamic shithole called "arabia"


Gaza Update - 41 internet cafe's bombed

Those wacko gazans hare now murdering internet cafe's... 41 since last fall! Congrats to the Hamas, don't ya know that those JEW-owned computer companies will just make more?


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Perfectly decent, good tanker destroyed in Iraq

{Photo credits AP
Tanker explosion kills 39 at Sunni mosque in western Iraq_

Think of the crime, a wonderfully crafted tanker is destroyed. Think of the people hours used to create such a marvel of mass transportation.

oh yea... think of the innocent people destroyed by yet another islamic nutjob..

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A suicide truck bomber sent a deadly storm of metal, stone and jagged plaster through worshippers leaving a Sunni mosque Saturday, killing at least 39 in a possible sign of escalating internal Sunni battles between insurgents and those who oppose them.

let's give these nutjobs a state..


A decent, bike has been murdered.

Three Islamic Pakistani terrorists blow themselves up accidentally on a bicycle outside a Punjab town_

Now I am ANGRY!!

A perfectly good bike has been murdered, destroyed, never to be rode again.

Please say your personal prayer to G-d, Allah, Jesus, Buddah or whomever to pray that waste of decent bikes should not be destroyed.

....CHEECHA WATNI, Pakistan (AP) - Three Islamic militants died in eastern Pakistan on Saturday when a powerful bomb they were carrying on a bicycle accidentally exploded, police said.

The men were apparently targeting the funeral services for a policeman or the police guarding a cattle market in Cheecha Watni, a town about 60 miles east of Multan, a city in Punjab province, authorities said

what a waste of a bike....

Monday, February 19, 2007

my war plans for iran

Here is my plan for Iran.

Gop & dem tonight announce increase CAFE standards by 2% a year for the next 12 years

Announce to the world we are at war with islamic nutjobs and that we choose to fight........

by economics...

1. Tax credits for alternative energy
2. All major shopping centers & strip malls will have solar panels installed as part of USA energy non-reliance on the grid.
3. Farmers will be encouraged to plant selected OIL producing ground cover for winter crops that affix nitrogen and reduce need for petro based fertilzers & insect and weed control
4. use of soy, rape, canola, and other organic OILS will be blended directly into diesel stocks to the ratio of 3 parts diesel to 1 part veg oils.
5. small towns and cities with federal help will switch to 90% recycled cooking oils 10% diesels for all public buses and school buses.
6. Imported oil tax to set minimum cost of imported oil to 60 dollars a barrel, all collected taxes to go directly to R & D
7. Government programs to give tax credit to electric cars
8. compact flouresecent bulbs to be granted to all home and property owners based number of light fixtures (one time only) and at the same time conventional light bulbs to be tariffed by 100% a year for 3 years
9. federal program to plant evergreen wind breaks and forests, federal government to provide seedlings at no charge, and give home owners tax deduction for shade trees planted.
10.tax credit and education about new home construction using geo-thermic heat exchange
11. tax credits for retro kits for geo-thermic conversion installs
12. 1000% export tax on all USA medicines exported to any opec nation
13. All usa food exports to any nation deemed hostile to the usa shall be ended. (with svo & ethanol there should be very little left to export, thus driving the cost of food up around the world)
14. free college scholarships for selected math & science topics (merit based, with required enlistment in job programs for 3 months for every year of scholarship)
15. mass transit "ride for a year" free passes to be given to every AUTO & TRUCK OWNER at license renewal, good for family pass, ID will show car or truck owner.
16. clear window insulation kits, bi-directional clothes dryer vents (just installed one that goes thru water, amazing) & water heater drain hoses ( to drain water heater from bottom 4 times a year) to be offered with property tax payment.
17. wind farms
18. Take the old Jimmy "i hate the jews" Carter's good idea, and have the prez ask people to lower heating temps by 1 - 2 degrees..

now we do all that AND:


1. help destroy Irans gasoline refining ability (they import 40% of thier gasoline)

2. set up teams of hackers to hack and crash all iranian computers & cell phones networks

3. ID & liquidate all Hezbollah & Iranian agents found outside of iran

4. Supply Iranian resistance groups with weapons, 51% of iran is not persian

5. Supply Iranian KURDS with weapons and promises of independence.(that ought to throw a wrench in syria, turkey, iraq and irans bullshit)

just an off the cuff thought before we go full tilt

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I support the NEW palestinan unity government

Yep I do...

The New and Improved UNITY palestinian government does not support the right of Israel to exist.

I support their right.

The New and Improved UNITY palestinian government does not support previous peace agreements singed by palestinian UN approved governments.


In response, I feel israel should:

1. Cut off all water to the west bank and gaza.

2. Cut off all food to the west bank and gaza

3. Cut off all contact with any palestinian "government" officials

4. Suspend all agreements signed with previous palestine governments.

5. Suspend the Islamic Wafi of jerusalem

6. Expel all Hamas members and THIER families from Israel and Jereusalem

7. EMPTY all prisons of any Palestinians, except those with direct blood on thier hands and DUMP them NAKED in gaza.

8. Destroy ALL Palestnians schools, mosques, hospitals, businesses, fuel storage, bridges, roads, distribution centers.

9. Shoot on sight any persons approaching the self deteremined border of Israel

10. Respond to ANY attack with annexation of additonal lands, one acre per rocket, with no injury, 10 acres for every rocket that harms any israeli.

11. Seek UN removal of the observer status of the PA at the UN.

how is that for a start?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Denile aint just a river in egypt

I have been reading and studing the arab press now for at least 15 years. And what amazes me at the systematic blindness of actual murder that arabs do to one another.

If you watch and read the saudi news, the lebanese blogs or the palestinian websites you will find that the very action of israel to set up check points to be a human right violation, whereas wholesale slaughter of arabs on arabs, arabs on christians, arabs on kurds, arabs on africans NEVER makes a mention.

If you dare to make the point that millions more have been murdered by arabs by arabs to arabs verses the puny number by israel, a country actually in a state of war with these jokers, they are shocked!

How dare you drop cluster bombs at the end of your lebanon defeat!

Like israel started the war?

War sucks, and let that be an object lesson to the nitwits that hate israel. Attack israel, expect to die, or expect to lose a ton of infrastructure or both...

Israel MAY not send leaflets of warning in the future....

And while i am at it...

The so called boycotted Hamas government of Palestine has actually received 110% of it's amount of cash (by way of higher oil dollars, thanks america) There is NO shortage of money in the palestinian areas, just a shortage of willingness to spend it on consumer goods...

rockets, bomb belts, bunkers, ied's, tunnels costs a ton of cash....

So here is to the fake starving people of palestine...

grow veggies, not bullets...
oh that's right, you can't you hate jews to much to live...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

per capita aid to palestine vrs israel

In fact, "the highest per capita aid transfer in the history of foreign aid anywhere." [Note: Commenters have noted and it has proved true that Israel actually receives more per capita than Palestine in foreign aid, the figure being $420 versus $300 per capita. This correction is hereby made.

why correct it, explain it by printing the next few sentences, it continues...

In relation to a gross national income for the average Palestinian of $1,327 last year, any cut in foreign aid and tax revenue is serious.
In effect, Palestinians have a third-world income - a few dollars a day. And they live next door to first-world Israel, with a per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of about $22,200 last year. Israel gets about $420 per capita each year in aid from the US, partly as a result of the 1979 Camp David peace accords between Israel and Egypt. Though that's more aid per capita than Palestinians get, Israel is less dependent on it.”

so $420 Dollars to the Israelis verses $300 Dollars to the Palestinians.

$22,200 / 420 $1,327/ 300

yep those dam greedy jews....

OK let's look at this from a few points of view.

1. Most of the aid to the Palestinians is for free food, free shelter, free schools & universities, free hospitals & free hospital care, free government job programs, free roads, bridges, infrastructure, free new government buildings, in general free public works projects. Since the palestinians use up all other moneys on making war on israel they get others to bail them out by buying everything for them.

Whereas most of the aid to israel is to assist it in defending herself from the hostile arab nations/peoples that are in a state of war with israel. And to assist Israel in absorbing Jewish refugees that are still escaping from africa, select islamic lands and russia.

This dollar amount was to be the same as the amount egypt ALONE receives (camp david accords/ j carter) If we are to look at dollars given, why not include the aid to Egypt, jordan, lebanon, arabia (and others) as well since a hugh amount of aid is given to offset those same countries & people hostile actions to the state of israel?

Why not add up the cost to keep oil shipping lanes open? after all this is aid also...

Gulf War One & Two, actually is aid....

so in the end, to somehow imply that israel “gets” more than the palestinians is on the surface “factually correct” but really does not paint an honest picture of the real aid paid to the arab & israeli worlds.

Most of the aid to israel is needed BECAUSE of arab/palestinian wars, and most aid to the palestinians is because they use choose to use most of their resourses MAKING WAR.

2. Israeli is made up of 25% Palestinian population. So if we reduce $420 by .75% we get $315 per capita, now we need to add that % to the Palestinian side of AID quotient SINCE that AID benefits palestinians. So add that $105 per capita amount to the Palestinian figure of $300, it comes out to $405 in AID to Palestinians. We could conversely do the same mathematics in reverse to be fair...

Let’s see, What percentage of the Palestinians that get international aid are Jews?


just a thought..