Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's been a year... The arab islamic world is fastly becoming the modern day Islamic Nazi movement. Islam is out of control. It is, thank G-d, not just my problem anymore. To the nations of the world, to the Christians, the Buddists, Atheists and such, Islam is your problem. The question is, when will you wake up and smell the burka. If I was a moslem and I believed in tolerance and live and let live? i'd be terrified as they will be put under infinite pressure to conform to sharia. It is a dark time to be a minority, a woman living the islamic world. So the arab world still burns. Nothing we can do will put it out, it's a fight they have to have themselves. But I don't have to be nice about it... Savages they are becoming.. Human ANIMALS de-evolving from Human BEINGS...


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