Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jews have no RIGHTS?

Ah, it's a great sunny morning this January...

Across the globe the powers at be are creating a new "legal" opinion...

Jews shall have no rights to purchase or build in Jerusalem. It will be considered ILLEGAL.

This puts me in an odd position.

Would it be wrong to say "Blacks, Arabs and/or Moslems shall have no rights to purchase or build in Boston. It will be considered ILLEGAL."?

So the world wants to make it a crime for a Jew to own land, buy land or build in Jerusalem....

Thank you President Obama for the moral courage you have shown /off sarc.

You cant blame our "president", after all he was honest about his opinion about Israel sort of...

Except when he was lying...

But if you excuse his lies when he was running for office and go back to his historic friends and family?

You will see a group of Israel hating, Zionist hating folks on the left.

From radical palestinians, to commies...

Yep I said it..


Not the neo-commies that sit on talk shows, drinking starbucks and making several million a year, but the get in your face roit starting violence BLACK PANTHER, Weatherman, Sirhansirhan loving, radical Moaist, Stalin loving COMMIES.


You got what you voted for.

Now watch how he throws Israel under the bus and lies while doing so..

The rest of the world?

Screw em anyway..

England? forgetaboutit...

Paris? forgetaboutit...

Canada? forgetaboutit...

Brazil, Argentina & Venezuela? Forgetaboutit..

The world has lost it's mind..

5,4 million dead in the Congo and not a word..

A Jew tears down (15 years after purchasing) a hotel that was built by THE NAZI SUPPORTING MUFTI OF JERUSALEM, and somehow the world is now voting on the legality of all Jewish construction in Jerusalem.

Can I politely say to the world?


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