Saturday, November 18, 2006

UN slams Israel for Beit Hanun shelling or Why Israel should kill more...

The UN General Assembly on Friday night overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning the errant shelling of a Beit Hanun house which killed some 20 Palestinians.

Representatives of 156 countries voted in favor of the resolution, seven objected and six abstained.

Congrats to the UN for NOT mentioning what started this... Palestinian rocket attacks that DID kill Israelis.

So what to learn from this?

The UN sucks, so should we be mad? Hell no, what should happen Israel should learn if the entire world is going to condemn them, give them something to condemn!

Let's kill 1000 palestinians... Israel would get the exact same punishment!

So Israel if you are listening.. WHEN the Palestinains ATTACK, and they surely will again, dont hold back, shoot of a thousand rockets and hopefully you will kill lot's of these terrorists and/or thier families...


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