Monday, December 25, 2006

Peace Plan Part 2

As we speak 3 israelis are be held ransom by Democratic Islamic Governments.

As we speak Israel is releasing $100,000,000 dollars (collected tax revenues) to the democratically elected Holocaust denier President of the Palestinian people To be used by them

Is Olmert on crack? Are we living in an Alice in Wonderland?

My rabid thoughts are as follows:

The 3 Israelis that have been kidnapped should be treated as dead. The should be given state burials with national honors and then Israel should STOP all talk or mention of them.

why you ask? BECAUSE it's the arab/islamic world understands it as a hugh israeli weakness. Israel has not gotten one aspect of any proof any are alive so why ASSUME so? Make the scum that kidnapped them PROVE THEY ARE ALIVE!

Start buidling the fence, no strike that, a WALL, as the arab world calls it, delininating all major arab israeli villages to be GIVEN to the nascent state of palestine.

some additional thougths

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Why I don't CELEBRATE or even like Christmas

Why I don't CELEBRATE or even like Christmas....

Wow am I on crack or what? I keep getting asked by my kids, my friends everone, WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET YOUR HATRED GO?

OK Folks Here it IS.....

I am a Jew.

So what you ask?

Let me eloborate on my shallow, insecure self.

Let's 1st look at "christmas" or as I look at it "Christ's mass"

What is Christmas, to the VAST majority of Christian people's it is the "virgin" birth of Jesus. AND who is this Jesus ACCORDING to these same Christians?

CHRISTIAN POV: Jesus was and Is the Promised Jewish Messiah for the JEWISH people, Jesus was and is the "perfect sacrifice" for the atonement of all peoples sin and Jesus was before Abraham and was and is "part of the Godhead" that Christians consider to be God.

(Note to all those MOT's that will not write "the name", nor will I either, however OTHER GODS aint G-d!

So simply put Christmas sends a message to all Jews, if you DO NOT CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS you are stupid! You are too dumb to even KNOW your own savior, messiah or even your own G-d!