Saturday, June 16, 2007

3 Cheers for Hama's Victory!

I Love Hamas...

Those delightful, cute cold blooded murderers...

Now noone could say they are not if anything but HONEST...



Give the a state, let them fight it out with fatah, that other cute and lovely LYING cold blooded killers....

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2 State Solution? Or why the Arab world deserves ONE state for all arabs in Arabia and not 23 and counting

Ok, so here it is...

Arabs come Hagar via Ishmael..

Arabs are not Turks, Persians, Coptics, Jews, Greeks, Romans, Africans, Berbers, Bolichs, Kurds, Druze and many more...

All of these others were in their LANDS before the Arabs came to them...

So who is the true Occupier?

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who lost last summer's war with hezbollah/iran/hamas

read and learn

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Palios Launch and new & Improved Palio Airforce

Today, the democratic nation of retards called "palestine" have successfully launched their 1st air wing...

Future revisions of this will be adding bombs and explosives as to ensure israeli deaths...

Only problem? No israeli people at the foot of palio buildings...

Muhammad Sawirki, a 24-year-old officer in the Palestinian Authority's Force 17 "Presidential Guard," died Sunday when he was thrown from the 18th floor of a Gaza City building.

PA security officials said Sawirki and another officer were kidnapped earlier in the day by members of Hamas's paramilitary Executive Force.

The two were taken to the Ghafari Tower, where the Hamas militiamen handcuffed Sawirki and threw him from the highest building in Gaza City, the officials said.

Following the incident, fierce fighting erupted between Hamas and Fatah militiamen, delaying the evacuation of Sawirki's body. Two passersby, an elderly woman and her daughter, managed to drag the body to a secure place before an ambulance took it away.

Palios support the British Journalists ban on Israel

ah yes...

those crazy palios!

today they showed their support for the British journalists ban of israel by STILL holding a kidnapped BBC journalist!

and today, these same retards, the palios, used an TV jeep to attempt to invade Israel from the Independent state of Gaza


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Primer: Syria MJT Michael Totten Interviews Barry Rubin

Primer: Syria MJT Michael Totten Interviews Barry Rubin

Some selected quotes.

Please visit Michael's Blog and read the whole thing

June 06, 2007vvvThe Truth About Syria
By Michael J. Totten

"Syria is not a radical regime because it has been mistreated by the West or Israel but because the regime needs radicalism to survive. It is a minority dictatorship of a small non-Muslim minority and it offers neither freedoms nor material benefit."

"MJT: Do you think the Syrians are behind the war of the camps raging in Lebanon now, or does this conflict match the timing of the UN tribunal coincidentally?

Rubin: I definitely think the Syrians are behind it."

>Organize and order a shadowy group of terrorists, called Fatah al-Islam, to disrupt Lebanon."

"Fatah al-Islam, is merely part of an older group, Fatah al-Intifada which has been a Syrian front group for almost 25 years."

"The leader of this group is a man by the name of Colonel Abu Khaled al-Amleh. And he lives and operates out of Damascus, Syria. "

"The field commander of the group is a man named Shaker al-Absi. He has been working as a Syrian agent since 1983."

"In Iraq, Absi worked with Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi, the head of al-Qaida—Usama bin Ladin’s group—there."

"Mr. Absi was involved in the murder of a U.S. diplomat, Lawrence Foley, in Jordan on October 28, 2003."

"MJT: Some foreign policy hands hope they can "flip" Syria from its alliance with Iran. Do you think this is possible in the long term if not in the short term?

Rubin: This is absurd and I discuss it at length in my new book, The Truth About Syria."

"How does a basically atheistic regime run by non-Muslims reinvent itself as Islamist? "

The Truth About Syria, By Barry Rubin, Palgrave-Macmillan, 2007

Barry Rubin is the director of the Global Research for International Affairs Center of the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzliya, Israel. He is the author of 16 books, including The Truth About Syria, and is the editor of Middle East Review of International Affairs.

Post-script: Please support Michael Totten's independent writing and journalism

Visit his blog and read the whole thing

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Primer: Syria, Sheba Farms & It's non-recognition of Lebanon

Primer: Syria, Sheba Farms & It's non-recognition of Lebanon

From the JPost: By SHLOMO AVINERI Professor of political science at the Hebrew University.
Jul. 30, 2006

Lebanon's problem is not just Shaba Farms
The emergence of the Shaba Farms as a possible item in an agreement authorizing a multinational force for South Lebanon raises a number of issues of which not all the participants in the current negotiations may be aware. They go deep into the question of the very existence of Lebanon as a sovereign state.

What are the issues?

In the 1923 Anglo-French Demarcation Agreement, which set the borders between the British and French mandates in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, the area was included in Syria. The maps of the 1949 Israeli-Syrian Armistice Agreements similarly designated the area as Syrian.

In the 1967 Six Day War, the farms were occupied by the IDF as part of its conquest of the Golan Heights. Lebanon was not involved in that war, and Israel did not engage in any fighting against it.

At that time, no one - neither Syria nor Lebanon - claimed that the area was Lebanese.

IN THE negotiations leading to the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000, Lebanon for the first time raised its claim to the farms, but based on all previous historical documents and maps, the UN sided with the Israeli version, i.e. that this was Syrian territory and subject to future Israeli-Syrian negotiations. The Lebanese claim was used by Hizbullah to continue its resistance to "Israeli occupation of Lebanese territory."

Nobody, however, believes that even if the farms were handed over to Lebanon, Hizbullah would stop its armed activities which are, after all, aimed at the destruction of the "Zionist entity in occupied Palestine."

SO FAR this seems straightforward - until Syria enters the picture.

At the time of the 2000 Israeli withdrawal the UN asked Syria about its position on the issue. Damascus was in a quandary: On the one hand, this was obviously Syrian territory; on the other, if Syria conceded that the farms belong to Lebanon, there might be a chance of getting one more sliver of Arab territory out of Israeli hands.

Syria thus responded that whatever its former claims to the Shaba Farms, it now agreed to cede them to Lebanon.

But when the UN asked Damascus for a formal document stating that the area had indeed been legally transferred to Lebanon, Syria balked - and it has still not supplied such a document.

WHY? AT the root of the issue is the simple fact that up to this very day Syria has not accepted the legitimacy of the existence of a separate, sovereign Lebanese state. Lebanon was carved out by the French imperial powers in the 1920s as an attempt to create a pro-Western, Christian entity in the Levant - hence France's continuous solicitude for Lebanon, including its recent support for UN decisions calling on Syria to evacuate Lebanon.

This Syrian non-recognition of Lebanon as an independent state has consequences.

There are no formal diplomatic relations between the two countries; there is no Syrian ambassador in Beirut, no Lebanese ambassador in Damascus; and during the Syrian occupation of Lebanon in the 1980s, Syria's representative in Lebanon was the director of Syrian military intelligence (Ghazi Canaan, who eventually committed suicide in murky circumstances).

In Syrian textbooks Lebanon appears as part of "Greater Syria."

The Syrian refusal to supply a document confirming the ceding of the Shaba Farms to Lebanon is not a mere formality: Were Syria to issue such a document - clearly stating that the farms are part of Lebanon and not of Syria - this would mean Syria recognizes Lebanon as a separate, independent, sovereign state.

Syria has never accepted this, and has never made such a statement.

DIPLOMATS who are now concerned with a cessation of violence in South Lebanon and northern Israel should be aware of this conundrum, which is no mere formality.

If the Shaba Farms appears in any form as part of the deal, this should be accompanied by an unequivocal statement from Syria recognizing that the area belongs to the Republic of Lebanon.

It is my guess that the chances of such a statement are minimal. Without it, the international legitimacy of the agreement - and its subsequent implementation - may be extremely problematic.

From the JPost: By SHLOMO AVINERI - Professor of political science at the Hebrew University.
Jul. 30, 2006

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

I waited a month..

Yep nothing has changed except the palios are still retarded and still shooting at israelis..

but now, more retarded palio news...

lebanese troops fighting the palios and their supporters in lebanon

retarded islamists that of course are israel haters in the usa arrested for trying trying to attack fort dix

more retarded islamists arrested for trying to blow up JFK

more retarded palios killed trying to attack israel

yep nothing new, just the palio type retards doing what they do best..

being retards

congrats to the palios, self destructing now on all fronts...