Monday, February 19, 2007

my war plans for iran

Here is my plan for Iran.

Gop & dem tonight announce increase CAFE standards by 2% a year for the next 12 years

Announce to the world we are at war with islamic nutjobs and that we choose to fight........

by economics...

1. Tax credits for alternative energy
2. All major shopping centers & strip malls will have solar panels installed as part of USA energy non-reliance on the grid.
3. Farmers will be encouraged to plant selected OIL producing ground cover for winter crops that affix nitrogen and reduce need for petro based fertilzers & insect and weed control
4. use of soy, rape, canola, and other organic OILS will be blended directly into diesel stocks to the ratio of 3 parts diesel to 1 part veg oils.
5. small towns and cities with federal help will switch to 90% recycled cooking oils 10% diesels for all public buses and school buses.
6. Imported oil tax to set minimum cost of imported oil to 60 dollars a barrel, all collected taxes to go directly to R & D
7. Government programs to give tax credit to electric cars
8. compact flouresecent bulbs to be granted to all home and property owners based number of light fixtures (one time only) and at the same time conventional light bulbs to be tariffed by 100% a year for 3 years
9. federal program to plant evergreen wind breaks and forests, federal government to provide seedlings at no charge, and give home owners tax deduction for shade trees planted. credit and education about new home construction using geo-thermic heat exchange
11. tax credits for retro kits for geo-thermic conversion installs
12. 1000% export tax on all USA medicines exported to any opec nation
13. All usa food exports to any nation deemed hostile to the usa shall be ended. (with svo & ethanol there should be very little left to export, thus driving the cost of food up around the world)
14. free college scholarships for selected math & science topics (merit based, with required enlistment in job programs for 3 months for every year of scholarship)
15. mass transit "ride for a year" free passes to be given to every AUTO & TRUCK OWNER at license renewal, good for family pass, ID will show car or truck owner.
16. clear window insulation kits, bi-directional clothes dryer vents (just installed one that goes thru water, amazing) & water heater drain hoses ( to drain water heater from bottom 4 times a year) to be offered with property tax payment.
17. wind farms
18. Take the old Jimmy "i hate the jews" Carter's good idea, and have the prez ask people to lower heating temps by 1 - 2 degrees..

now we do all that AND:


1. help destroy Irans gasoline refining ability (they import 40% of thier gasoline)

2. set up teams of hackers to hack and crash all iranian computers & cell phones networks

3. ID & liquidate all Hezbollah & Iranian agents found outside of iran

4. Supply Iranian resistance groups with weapons, 51% of iran is not persian

5. Supply Iranian KURDS with weapons and promises of independence.(that ought to throw a wrench in syria, turkey, iraq and irans bullshit)

just an off the cuff thought before we go full tilt


Blogger N. said...


wow, with enemies likek you who needs friends? I shall blogroll you!


5:23 PM  
Blogger Doulcet Pierre-Loic said...

I'm generaly agree wit you exept for 13. This could be used again population, not again governement. UN do for the north korea, and the result isn't positive.

5:41 PM  

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