Saturday, February 24, 2007

A decent, bike has been murdered.

Three Islamic Pakistani terrorists blow themselves up accidentally on a bicycle outside a Punjab town_

Now I am ANGRY!!

A perfectly good bike has been murdered, destroyed, never to be rode again.

Please say your personal prayer to G-d, Allah, Jesus, Buddah or whomever to pray that waste of decent bikes should not be destroyed.

....CHEECHA WATNI, Pakistan (AP) - Three Islamic militants died in eastern Pakistan on Saturday when a powerful bomb they were carrying on a bicycle accidentally exploded, police said.

The men were apparently targeting the funeral services for a policeman or the police guarding a cattle market in Cheecha Watni, a town about 60 miles east of Multan, a city in Punjab province, authorities said

what a waste of a bike....


Blogger bishop said...

God be with you, PLUG

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