Sunday, March 18, 2007

Arabs Inch Closer to WAR 2007

Interesting things a brewing

the world's embrace of a new palestinian government will cause next arab initiated war on israel

all resistance, in all forms, against israel is legal and moral and just until israel submits to being returned to it's rightful place as a majority ruled land of moslems, once the rightful owners and their descendents are returned post haste
so say iran, iraq, arabia, jordan, the PA Unity government will say next week

this will restart the arab boycott of Israel

this will require israel to at once withdrawl from the west bank & jerusalem to PRE 1967 borders

this will require israel to accept all palestinians as full israeli citizens AND THEIR DECENDENTS

thus the arab world wills publically accept the position that armed terrorism against israel is NOT TERROR and thus allowed by palestinians to continue until all demands are met.

So far today, March 18th, 5 kassams have been launched from Gaza into Israel pre 1948 border.

Low intensity war is on the rise...

As I see it we have 2 choices:

1. Allow the islamic world (including the arab world) to disintegrate at it's present course. (hamasistan, somolia, sudan, southern lebanon examples as such), while allowing low intensity warfare to slowly cause the complete break down of society into lawless, islamic 6th century thugacracy

2. Respond to all attacks with disproportionate reactions, quickly causing a "western colonial/occupier guilt trip" after we destroy 20-30% of their command and control & terror bases. But the upside?


and after all that's is important!.


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