Monday, January 10, 2011

The NEXT Pogrom?

I think the war against the Jews is about to turn a page. Not turn a page forward mind you, but turn a page backwards.

Back to the good old days of pogroms.

But where you might query?

Witness the specific target against Jewish innocents in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris and New York.

Couple that with the Palestinian, Islamic Nations & NGO (Non-governmental organizations) efforts in boycott, delegitimization, UN and World Court activities Lawfare

I think we will see more rioting against Jews across Europe and Iran.

I think you will see "anti-Israel" rallies grow more and more violent, these rallies will come from London, Holland, Belgium, Pakistan and Paris.

It will become NOT NEWS WORTHY that Jew is attacked, murdered, kidnapped, tortured and will NOT BE A HEADLINE ANYWHERE..

Dont believe me?

Do YOU KNOW WHO Ilan Halimi is???

Read that link people....

Say it CAN"T happen here?

Wake up....

More later..


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